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The intent of this site is to help educate beginning preppers on essential preparedness. Whether you are preparing for Doomsday or a more short-term disaster such as a tornado, earthquake, flood, etc, certain items are essential for your short or long term survival.

What is Prepping?

Shows like National Geographic's "Doomsday Preppers" and Animal Planet's "Meet the Preppers", have created a certain stereotype of what "prepping" is. However, "prepping is actually just a short-hand way of saying "Emergency Preparedness". This can boil down to something as simple as having extra food and first aid supplies in a separate location to bugout bags and underground shelters.

As a child, I remember my grandparents would be cooking Sunday dinner and my Grandpa would go downstairs to grab something for Grandma. He would come up and say "That's the last one downstairs. We need to add it to the list." This is the simplest form of "prepping". If times got tough, they knew they had food downstairs to fall back on.


Why Prep?

Whether you live in a flood plain, tornado alley, the snow belt, or any other place where natural disaster can occur, these are all reasons to have some degree of preparations on hand. However, the reasons do not end there. In this economy, job losses happen every day. What would you do if you lost your job tomorrow? How would you feed your family? Could you afford your bills?

Furthermore, recent scares such as the Ebola outbreak may cause those with weaker immune systems to want to hunker down for a bit. Having the supplies to do so is essential.

Outdoor Survival Kits & Camping Food

From NASA to FEMA, experts recommend a minimum of 3-14 days of food and water on hand at all times. This is stored in a separate location from your normal food/water supply. In addition, you should have some sort of simple first aid kit. 

The remainder of this site is dedicated to discussing and reviewing those products which should be in your prepping supplies. Some will be everyday household items, while others may need to be specially purchased. Some items can be bought by clicking the links throughout this site, while others may require additional work on your end. I will try to keep this as simple as possible and always welcome any questions.

Here's hoping you find this site as useful as I did learning the information on it. Good luck!